Audio Teachings with Evangelist GORDON MANCHE

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Knowing God Intimately - Part 1

Length, 30:00 minutes

Knowing God Intimately - Part 2

Length, 45:17 minutes

From Church to Bride of Christ - Part 1

Length, 46:38 minutes

From Church To Bride Of Christ - Part 2

Length, 46:53 minutes

Overcoming Rejection - Part 1

Length, 46:13 minutes 

Overcoming Rejection - Part 2

Length, 46:29 minutes

Getting ready for the wedding!

Length, 46:07 minutes

The heart of evangelism

Length, 31:19 minutes

Praying Out The Mysteries Of God - Part 1

Length, 25:00 minutes

Praying out the mysteries of God - Part 2

Length, 29:25 minutes

A Passion to reach the lost

Length, 46:45 minutes

Speak the word with prayer

Length, 35:36 minutes

the maturing bride of christ

Length, 46:37 minutes

Discovering the fathers heart - Part 1

Length, 32:00 minutes

Discovering The Fathers Heart - Part 2

Length, 33:56 minutes

Gods love towards us

Length, 37:04 minutes

The secret place

Length, 10:04 minutes

Fasting and praying

Length, 30:09 minutes

upon this rock

Length, 30:09 minutes

The good news about judgment

Length, 62:37 minutes

Marriage gods idea

Length, 54:48 minutes

"The temptation to compare will always be there. The way to fight for unity is to give thanks for the role each person plays, recognizing that each person in the church matters to God and has a vital role in His Church"

Corinthians 12:24-26


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