Conversion Therapy

Atricle by Dr. Gordon-John Manche'

Come As You Are

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Come As You Are

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Come As You Are

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This article is ONLY for all who love Integrity & Truth.

In the recent un-balanced and unjust reactions from MGRM & LGBT Malta, plus the Minister Helena Dalli, for all those who have followed the story and wondered and questioned, know this:THERE IS NO trace of any evidence that "CONVERSION THERAPY" ever existed in Malta.


The Militant Liberal Movement that is >temporarily< bullying Christians and the Conservative Voice of Truth, keeps on spreading PURE LIES exposing their Hypocrisy, perpetuating their old out of date lies that Matthew Grech encouraged any form of 'Conversion Therapy' when he gave his personal testimony on the Malta X-FACTOR of how God changed him from living a homosexual lifestyle to that to live a consecrated-set apart life for God - to pursue a living relation with Jesus Christ.

The MGRM (Malta Gay Rights Movement) and the LGBT have not stopped spreading the lies about River of Love Christian Fellowship - stating that we practice or encourage Conversion Therapy! This is a big fat lie - that even though we have stated on and on again, on ever level of media nation wide - that we do not believe nor practice such therapy nor - as a matter of fact know anyone who has ever practiced this therapy all over the Nation at any time. (this should make one seriously wonder - why so much fuss on the Government to make a law to stop something and put a ban on something that NEVER EXISTED??!!! Isn't that a waste of Public Funds from taxes of the citizens?) You be the judge!!

Obviously now, THE TRUTH is being heard from all the media platforms more than ever - not on a nationwide level but thank God on an International level as well from USA, UK, Italy mention a few:,,,,, don't be surprised if they come out with some other hog-wash lie to write another article filled with lies and hypocrisy, since this one is become well out dated!!

Hear it from the Horse's own mouth!

We believe that everyone has the right to believe what ever he or she wishes and for those of the LGBT community they are free to believe what they want - and we respect their freedom of expression and belief - irrelevant of whether we agree with them or them with us, but, I also hope that common sense will rule - and they can understand that many many out there believe that they were gays and now they are ex-gays and ex-lesbians - especially because we SHOULD ALL BELIEVE that everyone has been give the God-Given right to his/her own free will and choice, and according to the Universal Declaration of the Human rights (article 18 & 19) quoted:

"Article 18: "Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to MANIFEST his religion or BELIEF in TEACHING, PRACTICE, worship and observance".& Article 19. "Everyone has the right to FREEDOM OF OPINION AND EXPRESSION; this right includes freedom to hold opinions WITHOUT INTERFERENCE and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through ANY MEDIA and regardless of frontiers."

Now, for us Bible believing Christians, from a Biblical point of view - we and millions of other Christians world wide, believe that people everywhere are born sinners (Romans 3-5) and are actually BORN AGAIN through Christ - and are made new - when they turn their life to Christ. (See John 3: 1-18, 2 Corinthians 5: 17... etc) - that is of course - once again TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE - and no one has any right to take that belief away from him or her!

So, for all MALTA LGBT & MGRM & and Minister Helena Dalli, you believe what you want and as many of you often like to say, "live and let live" and let those who believe that God can change them - they have and will forever continue to have the right to believe it! Ex-gays, ex-Lesbians, ex-Trans etc...are real people who believe that they needed the Transforming Love of Christ and they found it! These people literally exist in the thousands both here in Malta and all over the world! (and unfortunately many feel bullied and oppressed by the same group who lobby for freedom of speech - It seems to many that freedom of speech as long as they believe what they want them to believe! 'what hypocrisy'! )

God bless you all and for all those people of GOOD-WILL - may you continue to shine and bring light, love and healing in this hurting world - especially through the Only ONE Reigning Savior & Lord Jesus Christ - The Son of The Living God!

Rev. Dr. Gordon-John Manche'
Senior Pastor of River of Love Christian Fellowship - MALTA 

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"The temptation to compare will always be there. The way to fight for unity is to give thanks for the role each person plays, recognizing that each person in the church matters to God and has a vital role in His Church"

Corinthians 12:24-26


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