Pastor Gordon-John Manche' was born in Malta in 1972.

He lived with his parents and siblings in his home town of Tarxien, where he lived all his youthful life until he emigrated to England and than later on to USA, as a professional artist and more specifically, as professional 'Ballet dancer'.

He lived in London UK for almost 4 years where he also recieved his professional dance training and graduated in Theatre Arts.

After he moved to American to continue to further his training/studies in dancing at 'San Francisco Ballet School', he earned his first opportunity to perform with the presitigious renown Ballet Company 'Houston Ballet' in Texas, as a student worker!

While he lived in Houston - Texas, Gordon-John experienced a radical transformation in his life which ended changing the rest of his entire life, when he gave his life to Jesus Christ.

While continuing to dance professionaly around the USA, namley with etsablished Ballet Companies like 'Ballet Oklahoma', 'Milwaukee Ballet', 'Ballet Theatre of Chicago' and 'Minnesota Ballet', Gordon left every thing behind to answer the call for fulltime ministry in the mission field.

The Lord directed him to go to train at the prestigious, world renown 'Rhema Bible Training Centre' (RBTC) in Broken-Arrow, Oklahoma and graduated with honors in the year of 2001. (

In 2003 Gordon-John was ordained (Rev.) and recognised as a Minister of The Gospel under the 'Rhema Ministerial Association International' (RMAI) by Bishop/Pastor Kenneth and Lynette Hagin. (

Immediately after graduation from full-time Bible school, Gordon-John led a group of 10 other established ministers of the Gospel for a six week mission to North India, where they conducted Miracle Crusades and many Ministers/Pastors Conference, during which time they saw may people healed, delivered from withcraft and refershed by the presence of the Holy Spirit and strenghtened by the teaching of the Word of God.

After spending about 5 whole years travelling around the USA and various other parts of the world, like Asia, Africa and Europe as a missionary-Evangelist, Gordon-John had a strong leading from the Lord to return to his country of birth (Malta) for a special work that God was calling Him to do. Something, which in the natural, was never part of Gordon's plan for himself.

During a time of prayer Gordon-John heard the Lord say to Him, “I want you to go back to Malta because My people do not know Me”. Over six years passed before Gordon-John returned to Malta in Europe, after he had also received several other prophetic words of confirmation from people who did not know what was going on in His life who told him that The Lord Jesus Christ wanted him to return to Malta for the work that God had for Him.

When he came to Malta after much prayer and fasting, he also met his wife on a local popular TV program where he was invited to talk about Jesus. Three different people of God (who did not know each other) had told him that God wanted him to know that his wife is in Malta and she is Maltese!

Shortly after meeting his wife; they invited some people (while they were still courting each oother) to meet with them for a prayer meeting and share Christ with them. This was another significant sign and conformation from God that they were suppose to start this ministry since a few weeks before a man of God, Pastor Paul Goulet, told Gordon-John, “Don’t be afraid to start the work that God has called you, even if you start with just 25 people”. Their first house meeting 25 people came, where every one present gave their life to Christ and God invaded that room with His Holy Spirit and power and many were healed, and others set free!

So, Pastor Gordon-John and his wife continued the work they had started as they continued to see many people hungry for God and witness many wonderful miracles and healings in their meetings. Shortly after they got married in April 2006, they established ‘River of Love Christian Fellowship’ around May.

After much prayer seeking The Lord for direction, Pastor Gordon-John Manche pioneered a brand new Christian Community in the island of Gozo in early 2012.

On April 10th 2011, Pastor Gordon-John Manché earned his 'Masters in Theology' (B.A, M.The) from 'Life Christian University. (

In January 2013, Rev. Gordon-John recieved his 'Doctor in Pastoral Ministry Degree' (D.Min) from 'Life Christian University'. (Currently, Pastor Gordon-John is also studying to achieve his Ph.D in Bible Theology)

Pastor Gordon-John Manché is the author of ‘Born from Above-Invaded by Heaven’, 'Upon This Rock; The Unshakable Foundation' and ‘The Promise of Jesus Christ’ which books are also published and translated in Maltese, English, Italian and Arabic.

Pastor Gordon-John Manché is also seen daily on Maltese National TV on Smash TV Channel with the only Christian Program in Malta, called ‘Habbejtek’ ( and is the founder of Nations for Christ ministries (EU & USA), and ‘Nations for Christ Bible College’ (NFCbc).(

Pastor Gordon-John Manché also travels every year to different countries in Europe, Africa and America, conducting Teaching Seminars on various Biblical Teachings and conducting Healing Services where many have turned their life to Christ Jesus, many others are healed from their sickness and others are delivered from the cluthes of the enemy like the occult!

Pastor Gordon-John's favourite quotes:

"Never confuse the behavior of a person with his worth".

"Be extravagant in your faith: You can never believe God too much".

"God loves every one, but God does not love everything".