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Matthew Grech

Louise Ellul Bonici

Stevey Ellul Bonici

Duane Dalli

matthew grech

Matthew is the pioneer of Isle of Worship. He is the definition of what it means to be a man after God's heart. He has a vision and a heart for Malta worshiping King Jesus. 

Matthew's life long dream was to become an artist in the Rhythm and Blues scene. He dedicated countless hours and invested greatly in order to become a professional at what he does. He managed to achieve this becoming known as 'Jay Omaro', winning local awards.

In his pursuit of this life long dream he ended up in London where he had a life changing encounter with the living Christ at the age of nineteen. He ended up laying his passion for music down in order to pursue Jesus until a time came where the Lord told Him to pick it back up.

Matthew now is a deacon and the music director at River of Love! Many are blessed not only through his rare musical gifts and outstanding voice, but by the overflow of his love for Jesus

Stevey ellul bonici

There is much to say about Stevey. He will be one of the most intelligent people you will ever meet. Stevey found Jesus when his father a police inspector, and former atheist, concluded after applying his police investigative skills, that there is an ample and overwhelming amount of evidence for one to believe that Jesus truly was risen from the dead! 

Stevey's relationship with Jesus is truly beautiful and unique. It is truly a joy to see him walk through life, hand in hand with Jesus. Stevey is the sound engineer at River of Love. His knowledge of sound and the science of sound will leave you dumbfounded at the awesomeness and intellectual brilliance of God!

Stevey can practically achieve and do anything you may put before him, when fully motivated. He is a multi-instrumentalist playing mainly the piano, acoustic and electric guitars and the drums.

Louise Ellul Bonici

Louise is an illustration of 1 Peter 3:1-5. Her beauty not only on the outside, cannot go unnoticed when you come to know her. A heart
 which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.

Louise was born in Denmark to musician parents. She was singing and playing percussion instruments and keys as early as she can remember. She was offered a job in Malta a few years back and gave it a try. She met Stevey in her first couple of months in Malta which in turn, introduced her to Jesus. They are now happily married and seeing them live life together can often feel like you are watching a pure romance movie at first hand!

Louise is a professional vocalist currently undergoing a degree in music at the university of Malta. When she sings not only is everybody awestruck by her skill and the beauty of her voice, but you can tell that for her only Jesus is her audience! Experiencing the sight of her ministering to the Lord, you are left with a feeling where you are being invited for a life long ongoing intimacy with Jesus!

Duane Dalli

I met the Lord on the 13th of March 2015. Nothing was quite the same ever since and I would not dare go back not even for one millisecond. 

I am the most musically unskilled from all the above mentioned. I loved music all throughout my life but it never crossed my mind that I would one day be able to play an instrument. 

I became convinced that I needed to learn the piano when I entered a room in 2017 and experienced a worship session that Matthew was leading. All my mind could think is that I wanted to play and sing to Jesus alone at home just like Matthew was doing. I later started taking music lessons with Matthew and got to know Stevey. It has been an ongoing progress of learning which is easy when you are surrounded by these godly, patient and loving brethren which are professionals.

I usually help in many different ways when it comes to IOW. I help Matthew with organising the event and obtaining necessary permits. I also am Stevey's right hand man when it comes to setting up, transport and rigging down. I also play pads during the event and do some backing vocals.

Isle of worship

We are honoured to host Malta's Summer worship and gospel tour, reaching various towns across the island for Jesus Christ!

The Spirit of God is stirring up an end-time awakening that is causing God's new wine to flow through Malta's towns and villages, breaking ancient demonic strongholds, and revealing the power and authority of the Risen Saviour. The remnant of Christ is established, and is taking ground in an unprecedented and unstoppable way.

Join with us every year to see the Kingdom of God demonstrated and made visible outdoors!

islands of praise

Malta is historically entering into its destiny as a nation under God

"'Let them give glory unto the Lord, and declare his praise in the islands.''

Isaiah 42:12


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